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partington.cc’s mission is to build the best wheels in the world. Light, fast, durable and strong. These wheels are built as an integrated system, incorporating unique ideas, materials and manufacturing.

partington close view of v spoke technology

In-Tension Spoke Technology

Partington spokes are produced using a highly-guarded, proprietary manufacturing process. 108,000 continuous filaments carry the tension of the spoke as it exits the rim, wraps around the hub, and terminates back at the rim – maintaining load throughout, and minimizing stresses at the spoke to hub junction.

partington close up view of dynamic bearing architecture

Dynamic Bearing Architecture

Conventional wheels use bearing arrangements that are often subjected to adverse loads due to use conditions and/or installation arrangements that slow the wheel down. partington uses a ‘floating’ bearing architecture to ensure there are sufficient degrees of freedom such that loads transferred internal to the bearing are minimized and idealized.

partington close up view of composite wheel system

Composite Wheel System

A high-performance wheel is a system of components that are designed in unison, highly integrated and optimized to work together. Partington's proprietary manufacturing methods provide an Integrated Wheel System to produce the world's best performing wheelset.