MKII R-Series 31/31 – Extending the family MKII R-Series 31/31 – Extending the family

Australian high-performance wheel maker,, is pleased to announce the addition of another wheelset to its MKII R-Series – the new 31/31.
The new MKII R-Series 31/31 offers all of the technical innovations incorporated into the R-Series 39/44 wheelset but in a 31mm rim depth which further reduces the weight of the wheelset to 1060g per pair.  The 31/31 wheelset is ideally suited to climbing applications, to lighter riders or to those looking for a more “classic” rim profile.

Innovations originally launched in the R-Series 39/44 wheelset featured in the 31/31 include’s unique hub within a composite carbon shell and proprietary Dynamic Bearing Architecture and our InTension spoke technology with 20 asymmetric bladed, full carbon rim-to-rim spokes that wrap the hub and enhance the wheel’s stiffness.

All MKII R-Series wheels utilise a low-density, high-performance aerospace grade foam core optimised for stiffness and lightness. Wheels are disc brake only featuring 21mm internal width hooked rims suitable for both clincher and tubeless tyres.  Their low weight combined with high lateral stiffness but excellent vertical compliance deliver exceptional rider comfort and responsiveness.

The riding experience and stunning finish of the MKII R-Series will set it apart from the competition.

“We are delighted to add the 31 wheelset to our range.  All of our wheels are designed as an integrated system, with all components designed to work together and optimise the performance of the wheel. The 31’s lower profile further reduces what is already a very light wheel so that it really sings going uphill.  Other wheels ask you to accept trade-offs: stiffness for comfort, or weight for cornering performance. With the MKII R-Series, we’ve managed to unify all these aspects for a ride like no other.”

Jon Partington, Founder and CTO, MKII R-Series wheels are designed and manufactured in Australia. The 31/31 wheelset is available in a Satin clear painted finish weighing an incredibly low 1060g/set. wheels are available from select dealers worldwide -

The MKII R-Series 31/31 wheelset is available now priced at $6,400 USD. Taxes and shipping costs vary depending on location. Check with your local dealer for prices in your State.