2 Year Crash Replacement Program


As riders, we understand that it can be heartbreaking when your pride and joy is damaged in a crash. That’s why if you damage your partington wheels while riding within the first two years of ownership, we’ll replace [or repair] it for free.

You heard it right, FREE!! At partington.cc we are backing our product and giving our loyal riders the support you deserve. We want you to ride and enjoy the best wheels on the planet with peace of mind, no plan, no payment, no strings.

Furthermore, if you damage your partington wheels while riding after the first two years of ownership, we’ll provide you with a significant discount on the purchase price of a replacement wheel.


2-3 years – 40%

3-4 years – 30%

4-5 years – 20%

Discounts are on Recommended Retail Price.  Prices may vary by location.


The fine print

  • Crash replacement policy only applies to the original retail purchaser.

  • Crash replacement only applies to MKII product purchased from January 1st 2023 
  • To be eligible, products must be registered [here] within 30 days of purchase.

  • Only applies to damage that happened while riding and does not apply to wear and tear or damage occurred in transport. We don’t yet produce gravel wheels; our crash replacement cover is void for incidents occurring on unpaved surfaces.

  • To access this policy, return your wheel to the store you bought it from, who will arrange to return it to partington.cc for assessment. Upon replacement, the damaged wheel becomes the property of partington.cc.

  • Crash replacement coverage period runs from the date of purchase of the original wheelset. The clock does not restart when a wheel is replaced under the crash replacement policy.

  • If you are able to claim against another insurance policy, please do that first. Our first concern is to see you back enjoying your partington wheels, but as a growing company we don’t have endless resources, so if you have a claim against a big ugly insurance company, please go there first. A paid replacement under a third party insurance policy would count as a new sale and the two year crash replacement cover would start from the purchase date of the new wheels.

  • Crash replacement does not include shipping costs, duties, tariffs or handling fees which are the responsibility of the customer.

  • If, at the time a product needs replacement, we no longer make that wheel model, we will replace it with the most similar product in our range.

  • We reserve the right to deny coverage if we determine at our discretion that the policy is being abused.