The Partington MKII – Reinventing the wheel

The Partington MKII – Reinventing the wheel

Australian high-performance wheel maker,, is pleased to announce the launch of its new MKII R-series. The MKII is the result of two years of focused and intense development, combining the latest in carbon materials design and manufacture to achieve a wheel that is the lightest in its class today.

The new MKII R-series is the ultimate performance road wheel for training and competition. With the highest lateral stiffness (~55/mm) in its class, the MKII delivers exceptional ride comfort and responsiveness for the discerning rider. The MKII is designed out of the box as a disc brake only wheelset to fit clincher or tubeless tyres.

Within that carbon rim is a low density, high performance foam core, developed for premium aerospace applications that further increases rim stiffness to helps achieve a lighter rim.

Through our partnership with CeramicSpeed we designed a new hub ground up within a hybrid composite shell, with proprietary bearing and ratchet arrangement. The MKII retains the 20 asymmetric bladed full carbon rim-to-rim spokes that wrap around the hub, but with revised surface treatments and specifically developed adhesive formulation to enhance durability.

Wheelsets come in two sizes; 31/31 or 39/41. Available in a matte-clear painted finish and weighing from an incredibly low 1050g/set. wheels are designed and manufactured in Australia, a location along with brands like Baum, Bastion and Prova. All known for setting a new standard for exceptional craftmanship, materials innovation and cutting-edge manufacturing. has disrupted the top position of carbon fibre wheels with the MKI and the MKII, providing choice with a product that combines the latest in carbon fibre technology and design to exceed the performance of anything else on the market. The riding experience and stunning finish of the MKII R-series set it apart from the rest.

Riding on a set of Partington MKII R-Series wheels reveals just how genuinely transformative a set of these can be. All wheels ask you to accept trade-offs: stiffness for comfort and weight, weight for tracking. And aerodynamics affects everything. With the MKII, we’ve managed to unify all these aspects and provide a ride like no other.

Cadel Evans, commenting on his experience of riding the MKII R-series says, “The newly developed hub brings the performance of the MKII to another level again. I am amazed at how fast these wheels are.

Jon Partington, founder of partington wheels says,

“ is a designer and producer of world class products. We don’t follow convention, we develop new. The R-Series wheels are our interpretation of what a high-performance road wheel should be. We’re different, we’re authentic, we’re partington”. wheels are available from select dealers worldwide and directly from from XX/XX/XXXX.

Wheel sets range from $8,999AUD for the 39/44 the 31/31. Prices do not include local tax or custom charges. Check with your local dealer for specific prices in your country.