The story so far

Brought together by our love for cycling, strives to design and manufacture the world’s highest performing road bike wheels. Underpinned by quality craftsmanship, and a desire to be at the forefront of innovation, we exist to propel cycling forward. In short, we’re all about uncompromised engineering for uncompromised performance. is a product of founder Jon Partington’s passion for cycling, engineering curiosity and persistent belief that things can be done better. The first ideas were conceived and prototyped in a small garage in Torquay, Australia, before migrating next to a purpose-built carbon fibre research facility called Carbon Nexus at Deakin University in Geelong, Australia. Moving on-site at Deakin provided a dedicated space and a platform to build a commercial manufacturing facility.To learn more about Jon’s journey, click here: Above Category |Building partington wheels’s mission is to build the best bicycle wheels in the world. Light, fast, durable and strong. These wheels are built as an integrated system, incorporating unique ideas and manufacturing processes. Each is hand built around a proprietary carbon fibre hub design, unique rim to rim spoke geometry and aero optimised rim profiles producing an R-Series MkII R39/44 wheelset that weighs just 1,160g. works with a network of trusted resellers that have tried and tested all the wheel options in the market and know that has created the best wheel available in terms of stiffness, lightness, rolling speed, ride comfort and responsiveness. 

From ideation, product prototyping, process and tooling design-development, all the way through to testing, validation and manufacture - all activities are owned and delivered under one roof in Geelong, Australia. It’s not easy, but making change never is. Innovation is the heart and lungs of progress. We are driven by our mission to be the best, and empower athletes to perform their best, both recreationally and in competition.